Responding to a Changing World

Christine Hayward, Executive Director of IIC Partners, writes about the changing world and how it affects the executive search industry. This was a relevant topic at the IIC Partners Global Conference & AGM in Stockholm, in October 2018. Here you can read the full text.

Disruption and Innovation

The world is changing through technological developments and other innovations, which pushes the executive search industry to develop itself to meet the demands. Hayward notes that executive search is often criticized as a profession that has not changed over the last 30 years. However, technology has developed recruitment and executive search by introducing efficiencies to all stages of the process; identifying prospects, interviewing candidates or creating client reports. Yet, executive search is a networking business, and this central foundation remains.  Search Consultants have built extensive experience and the insights and knowledge that they bring to their roles cannot (at least yet) be replicated by any algorithms or machines.

Responding to the demands

Clients are nowadays demanding more. Complicated searches are expected to be done faster, simultaneously providing a diverse scope of qualified candidates. Those firms that can respond to these demands and challenges are the ones that can succeed. The executive search industry will continue to exploit the continuously developing technology. Yet, the value of a relationship driven Search Consultant won’t be easily replaced.  The executive search industry is, after all, built on human relationships. There is a continued demand for leadership consulting services and executive search firms are providing broader service scopes to meet the clients’ demands.