By identifying the best, you learn to discover the best.

Our role is to know, find and identify the best candidate. This is our greatest resource and we use it every day to realize the best outcome for our clients and applicants. As the world changes, we have had to change too. We’ve had to grow and learn. But our role has remained the same: to know, find and identify.

 Intuition is always founded on a process. A process that inevitably leads to euprior results.

Executive Search +

Executive Search of Board Members +

Executive Search of Board Members

The target of the Executive Search of Board Members is to ensure the company’s long-term success. The requirements for company board members are growing and diversifying with the globalisation and digitalisation of markets. Efficient work by the board supports the management in their strategic choices and offers expertise during key changes within a company.

JFP’s Executive Search of Board Members is designed to recognize candidates who are ideal for the client’s strategy, market situation and values. Our systematic and efficient process helps us to easily identify capable potential individuals.

Professionally performed assessment and application processes for a proficient board promote the efficiency of its work and improve its effectiveness considerably.

We perform Executive Searches of Board Members, for example, for public companies, companies owned by private equity and family businesses. Our Consultants’ managerial experience creates unique prerequisites for assessing and developing the work of a board of directors and for building a diverse, effective mix.

Management Review +

Management Review

The Management Review process is used to assess the skills of a company’s executives in relation to the organization’s present state and chosen strategy.

The first phase of this process is acquiring a thorough understanding of the company’s present state and the direction it wants to go in the future, as well as the development needs that must be addressed to achieve the target state. This discussion forms the basis for the assessment process, as well as for our future conclusions and suggestions for actions.

Interviews for evaluating candidates’ suitability

Our experienced consultants interview the individuals selected for the auditing process. The purpose of this thorough and confidential interview is to assess the executives’ competences and experience. Interview topics include their strengths and potential areas for development.

The interview is structured to enable us to gage the candidate’s ability to meet the requirements and challenges of the position and to estimate their development potential in relation to future responsibilities. If the client wishes, we can also use assessment methods for appraising the candidates’ work-life personas during the interviews.

Views of the company

During the assessment process, the executives have an opportunity to present their own views of the company’s situation and ideas for developing its organization and operations.

Results and conclusions

We always report the results of the assessment process to both the participants and the client. Each candidate also receives thorough personal feedback that provides an excellent base for personal professional development. Also, the company’s top management receive a written summary of the results and conclusions of the process.

The Management Review is a unique tool aimed at the company’s top management and designed to ensure the fulfilment of the company’s plans and strategies.

We have carried out numerous Management Review processes both in Finland and abroad.