JFP Navigates Onwards – Change of Managing Partner

JFP Executive Search Oy specializes in high-quality and professional executive search. The company is currently celebrating its 45th anniversary as one of Finland’s oldest operators in the field. JFP is dedicated in investing in a strong research function, harnessing new technologies and strengthening competence.


As a natural part of ensuring the continuity of the company’s management, JFP Executive Search board of directors has appointed Jouko Pitkänen as the company’s new CEO and Managing Partner from 1.5.2024 onwards. Previous Managing Partner Risto Wahlroos hands the role to Jouko and resumes his valuable work within the company as a Senior Partner. Risto is available for clients in demanding executive searches for senior management and board members, as before.


“I am happy and proud to hand over the management and leadership responsibility of the the company to my colleague Jouko. Jouko has shown exceptional ability and dedication to his work and proved that he is ready to take responsibility for the future of JFP. His expertise and vision bring new dimensions to our business to ensure continuity”, says Wahlroos.


“I would like to express my gratitude to Risto for his successful handling of the Managing Partner position for more than 8 years. This change is a natural part of our company’s long-term resource planning. Jouko’s leadership fits within our ongoing development projects and together with JFP Partners and employers he will lead the company forward”, states JFP’s board chairman Heikki Vahtera.



Pitkänen has worked at JFP as a Senior Partner for four years. He will continue to serve current and new clients alongside his new responsibilities. In addition to his work at JFP, Pitkänen is the Global Leader of IIC Partners’ Consumer Markets Industry Group. The global IIC Partners network has offices in more than 40 countries and more than 450 consultants in different industry groups.


“I enthusiastically embrace the Managing Partnership of JFP Executive Search. We are a proudly Finnish independent operator, whose world-class consulting and global network connections connect effectively with the Finnish business landscape.” says Pitkänen.